Dolphin wall murals as a girl bedroom decor theme with dolphin posters and dolphin wallpaper.

Dolphin wall murals and dolphin posters are a great girl bedroom decor theme.  Follow the image link to be taken to Joy's Expressions.  Dolphin murals and posters are a great wall mural girl bedroom decor idea for a girl bedroom. Dolphin wall mural by Shelly Grund.  Follow the image link to be taken to the muralists directory.  Dolphin murals are a great wall mural girl bedroom decor idea with dolphin posters for a boy or girl bedroom.
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Dolphin Wall Murals

Dolphin Murals, Dolphin Posters in a Girls Bedroom Decor

Dolphins are truly magical creatures. Dolphins are by far one of the most graceful creatures in the sea and once a child or adult has a chance to see them in person, they are instantly captivated.

I had the opportunity to visit Seaworld San Antonio recently. Many of the attractions are centered around dolphins. Three things impressed me immediately about dolphins.

  • Dolphins are extremely intelligent animals. The trainers at Seaworld had the fish doing gymnastics in the pool! The show was amazing.
  • Dolphins are beautiful creatures. A dolphin body up close shimmers in light and is gorgeously streamlined. Dolphins are designed amazingly.
  • Dolphins are rockets in the water. I was amazed by the speed they generated in the pools. They used the speed to literally propel themselves out of the water sometimes 20 feet.

All of these dolphin attributes make it easy for kids and adults alike to be fascinated by the creatures. Their beauty and grace also make them great themes for home decor. Not only for girl bedroom decor, but also for wall decor in other areas of the home. Often dolphin murals and dolphin posters take on an almost fantasy like perspective. I believe these images are trying to capture the sense of the dolphins superiority to other creatures of the sea. Whatever the reason, dolphin murals can make a wonderful theme for a girls bedroom decor.

This page provides several girl bedroom decor ideas that utilize a dolphin mural as a central theme. As you view the ideas, keep in mind that many of the ideas have links you can follow. Each link provides resources you can use to fulfill your girls dream of having a dolphin theme room. Also remember that many of the decorating ideas could be utilized in other portions of the home, especially if you're creating an ocean decor or beach decor theme.

Types of Dolphin Wall Decor

The Complete Guide to Wall Decor

Custom Dolphin Murals

If you are interested in having a custom mural painted, please visit the Muralist Directory for links to numerous custom muralists.

Time Requirement: Low
Budgetary Requirement: $30.00 to $100.00 a square foot

See also the article on commissioning a muralist for more detailed information on time and cost requirements.

The Steps to Mural Commissioning

Do it Yourself Dolphin Murals

Time Requirement: Very High
Budgetary Requirement: $2.50 to $5.00 a square foot, this estimate does not include a value for your time

Do you have a dolphin mural idea in mind that you would like to paint yourself? Than visit our painting murals section for tips and tricks for creating your own wall mural.

How to Paint Wall Murals

Dolphin Wallpaper Murals

Time Requirement: Low
Budgetary Requirement: $8.95 to $9.95 a square foot

Girl bedroom decor using dolphin wallpaper murals by Environmental Graphics.

Girl bedroom decor using dolphin wallpaper murals by Environmental Graphics.

Do you have a girl that dreams about dolphins? Are you drawn to the intelligence and grace of dolphins? If so, a dolphin wallpaper mural is a great way to satify your girls love of these amazing creatures. An added bonus is each of these wallpaper murals can be printed in custom sizes. This allows the mural to not only fit your wall, but also fit your budget. These wallpaper murals and many others can be viewed thru our online gallery and virtual store.

Gallery of fish murals: atHome Dolphin Murals

If you do not find what you are looking for in the dolphin murals section of our online store, please visit the full online gallery of wallpaper murals below. Also keep in mind that if you have a favorite image of a dolphin you would like used as a wallpaper mural, it is possible with Environmental Graphics custom murals! Visit the custom murals section of the online store for more details.

Online store for purchasing wallpaper murals.

Framed Dolphin Prints and Dolphin Posters

Another creative alternative for a girl bedroom decor, is dolphin posters. Girls love to cover their walls with images of intelligent and graceful creatures. Dolphin posters create a nautical environment for your dolphin enthusiast. To find a variety of dolphin posters for your girl's bedroom decor, please visit our dolphin posters online store where you can select from hundreds of images. If you are interested in other animal themes, also view our animal posters store.

Dolphin Posters and Dolphin Art Prints
Animal Posters

Girl Bedroom Decor Ideas with Dolphin Wall Murals

Girl Bedroom Decor with Dolphin Murals and Dolphin Posters Ideas

Do you have an idea about girl bedroom decor with dolphin murals or dolphin posters you would like to share with atHome Murals? Submit an idea and if it fits our theme, we will publish it on our web site. Email ideas to:

Ideas or Suggestions for atHome Murals

Dolphin wall mural by C. Morgan.  Follow the image link to be taken to Joy's Expressions.  Dolphin murals are a great wall mural girl bedroom decor idea with dolphin posters for a boy or girl bedroom.

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