A bathroom decorating idea, bathroom murals promote bath relaxation & bathroom wall decor.

Bathroom wall mural by Jennifer Desorcy.  Follow the image link to be taken to the muralist directory.  This is a great wall mural decorating idea for a  king's or a serf's bathroom. Bathroom wall mural by Faye Earnest.  Follow the image link to be taken to the muralist directory.  This is a great wall mural decorating idea for a king's or a serf's bathroom.
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When in Rome, Do as the Romans Do

Bath Relaxation, Bathroom Wall Decor with Bathroom Murals

This ancient proverb coined to indicate acceptance of Roman culture at the height of the Roman Empire, provides an apt backdrop for discussing bathroom decorating ideas with murals. The Roman culture helped to define bathing in luxury with their many Roman bath houses. For the elite, it was not uncommon to bath in a house adorned with murals. Murals were considered a luxury to be enjoyed during the bath relaxation.

Thankfully, the enjoyment of murals while one bathes is no longer reserved for the elite of society. In fact, there are numerous bathroom decorating ideas that can bring beauty into your bathing space and help foster bath relaxation. In this section, we'll look at a number of these bathroom decorating tips. The key behind each idea is the beauty and elegance that is captured with murals, complemented by lighting, sound, and aroma.

This combination of sensory stimulus, if done with an appropriate balance, can help create a relaxing environment as you bathe and unwind from a hectic day. Let's look at some tips for relaxing by looking at each area of stimulus. Each tip will be accompanied by a bathroom decorating idea to enhance and relax your nerves.

Bath Relaxation Tip #1

Make Time - Let's be honest up front. We often feel guilty in our fast-paced culture when we take time to relax. The first thing you must do is forget about feeling guilty and make time. Are the kids at a school function or spending the night at a friend's house? Do you really need to go to that hundredth networking dinner of the year? Take the time and draw a relaxing bath. Often, however, simply drawing a bath is not enough to shut down the nerves. Creating the appropriate environment is critical.

Bath Relaxation Tip #2

Create a Relaxing Environment - Why are spas so enjoyable? Because they force you to take time away from the rat race and relax. This is definitely a major factor to spa enjoyment, but probably the most critical aspect is the environment the spa creates. When you walk into a successful spa you should begin to relax almost immediately. You sense the tension rushing from your neck and your breathing begins to slow. There isn't any major secret to why that happens. It simply has to do with the environment which is created thru decorating techniques that promote relaxation. The effect you sense again comes back to the way your senses experience their surroundings. So what if you could create a spa in your house? That would definitely help make your house a home! You could enter the spa at any time. The idea is intoxicating! The key is understanding your sensory needs during relaxation.

  • The Sensation of Sight: When you enter a room, your mind quickly perceives the size and coloring of the room. In the case of bathrooms, they can feel small and constrained. This is not the initial impression you want your mind to feel. Instead, you want to perceive openness and warmth. This affect can be achieved thru creative use of bathroom murals and appropriate color. When selecting a color for the bathroom, it is probably best to first select the bathroom mural you wish to have and then utilize a relaxing color from the mural to coordinate the remainder of the bathroom. Please visit our articles on color to find information on colors and their emotional affect.

    In addition to the wall coverings, light is an important aspect to consider. I am a firm believer that natural light is far better for relaxing than artificial light. So pretend the electricity is out and light numerous candles to create a glow throughout the room. The affect with the mural is often amazing! In addition, the candles can provide fragrances to awaken another sensation.

  • The Sensation of Smell: The smell of a room is often overlooked when preparing to relax, but, if appropriately measured, it can add much to the relaxing environment of your bath. Recommendations to enhance smell would include:
    • Scented Candles
    • Incense
    • Bath Oils
    • Bath Crystals
    Utilizing a scent will also often have a complementary emotional affect. Be sure to understand what emotions are impacted with various scents.

  • The Sensation of Sound: Music can add an auditory sensation to your bath that can easily enhance the other senses. When selecting music, consider what styles of music provide you the greatest relaxation. Relaxing music is often lighter, instrumental themes, or a favorite vocalist that sings in a tone that soothes your nerves. Personally, I feel a clear stereo system and speakers are also important in reproducing the music and creating the illusion of having the music performed live.

  • The Sensation of Touch: Water temperature is important when attempting to relax. If the water temperature is too cool, your body will begin to compensate causing shaking which is not a relaxing event. If the water temperature is too hot, your body will overheat and you will quickly become fatigued. Finding a comfortable temperature that allows you to barely notice the water is often the best temperature. It is often relaxing to have a textured rag or sponge available to wash your body with.

  • The Sensation of Taste: Bring a favorite fruit, cheese, and wine with you. Wait for a while to enjoy them as you bath. Keep them cooled. As you indulge, you will not only notice their flavor but also their contrasting temperature compared with the water.

Bath Relaxation Tip #3

The Practice of Solitude - If you have a family, finding solitude may be a challenge. Find a way and get alone. Ask/tell the kids not to bother you. Find a babysitter. If you're married, times of relaxation alone are often still important. Ask your spouse for that opportunity. You can of course practice the same principles to create a romantic date with your spouse, but we'll leave that article for another day!

It may take some practice to find the right balance, but practicing relaxation will prove to be beneficial. To get you started, we have developed a list of ideas for bathroom decorating that should promote bath relaxation. Again, we will look at decorating for all the senses. As always, if you have a bathroom decorating idea you would like to share, we'd love to hear from you.

Classes of Bathroom Wall Decor

The Complete Guide to Wall Decor

Custom Bathroom Murals

If you are interested in having a custom mural painted, please visit the Muralist Directory for links to numerous custom muralists.

Time Requirement: Low
Budgetary Requirement: $30.00 to $100.00 a square foot

See also the article on commissioning a muralist for more detailed information on time and cost requirements.

The Steps to Mural Commissioning

Do it Yourself Bathroom Murals

Time Requirement: Very High
Budgetary Requirement: $2.50 to $5.00 a square foot, this estimate does not include a value for your time

Do you have a bathroom decorating idea in mind that you would like to paint yourself? Than visit our painting murals section for tips and tricks for creating your own bathroom decor wall mural.

How to Paint Wall Murals

Wallpaper Bathroom Murals

Time Requirement: Low
Budgetary Requirement: $8.95 to $9.95 a square foot

Bathroom decorating idea using wallpaper murals by Environmental Graphics.

Decorating bathroom idea using wallpaper murals by Environmental Graphics.

Create a beautiful setting for relaxation by including a European landscape wallpaper or floral wallpaper as part of your bathroom decorating. Take a look at the many beautiful murals shown at our online wallpaper mural store for further ideas. They are durable, easy to install, and can be sized to fit nearly any space on your bathroom walls. These wallpaper murals and many others can be viewed thru our online gallery and virtual store.

Gallery of murals ready for your wall: atHome Murals Store

Online store for purchasing wallpaper murals.

Framed Pictures for Your Bathroom

Time Requirement: Low
Budgetary Requirement: $2.00 to $25.00 a square foot, framed and unframed prints available. Typically smaller in size than traditional wall murals.

To find a variety of pictures for your bathroom decor, please visit our online store where you can select from thousands of images.

Bathroom Posters and Bathroom Themed Art Prints

Bathroom Decorating Ideas to Promote Bath Relaxation

Bathroom Decor Idea #1

To create bathroom decor that promotes bath relaxation, one must try to consider all the aspects of relaxation. As mentioned early on this page, that means incorporating bathroom items in your bathroom decorating idea that touch all the senses. One example bathroom decor idea would be to start with a beige colored neutral tone wall color. On a predominant wall easily viewable from the bath, add a bathroom mural of an Italian countryside. Frame the mural in either wood trim molding to create the sense of a window or have a trompe l'oeil window painted around the scene. Accent pieces to the mural should include several smaller framed Italian prints.

The smell will be captured with either scented candles or burning incense. Select fragrances you find relaxing. Fragrance may also be added to your bath thru the use of bath crystals or bath oils. Be sure not to mix too many smells, what may smell good alone may not smell good with another fragrance.

For sound, install a CD player in the bathroom. Have on hand instrumental music you find relaxing. Complete the senses with a warm bath and a chilled beverage, possibly your favorite wine. Enjoy the total immersion in your own personal spa. The world will still be around in an hour after you are finished relaxing!

Bathroom Decor Idea #2

Do you have a bathroom decorating idea you would like to share with atHome Murals? Submit a home decorating idea and if it fits our theme of home decorating with wall murals and other fine wall decor as a focal point, we will publish it on our web site. Email ideas to:

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Special Articles about Bathroom Decorating and Bath Relaxation

Articles about bathroom decorating are under development. Do you have an article you would like to share? Email us at:

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Bathroom wall mural by Joe Brown.  Follow the image link to be taken to the muralist directory.  This is a great wall mural decorating idea for the king's or the serf's throne room.

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