Exterior wall murals extend your home decorating where all can see, to your exterior decor.

Nursery wall mural by Gerhard Mounet Lipp.  Follow the image link to be taken to the muralist directory.  This is a great example of using an exterior wall mural to enrich your home decorating. Exterior wall mural by Anna Smith.  Follow the image link to be taken to the muralist directory.  This is a great example of how an exterior wall mural can beautify a garden or patio.
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Creative home decorating ideas focused on wall murals and other fine wall decor.

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Murals for the Exterior of Your Home

Exterior Home Decorating with Wall Murals

The exterior grounds of one's home is often available for unique decorating ideas like using wall murals. The mural can be used to coordinate your interior theme with the outside of your home or simply to provide decoration in a garden or courtyard.

Exterior murals are most commonly recognized in public spaces throughout some cities. Artists often utilize large public walls as their canvas and create works for public display. One common technique utilized to prepare wall surfaces for a mural is known as fresco. The technique simply means the walls are prepared with plaster. True fresco paintings are than done while the plaster is wet. This technique was quite popular in the thirteenth to sixteenth century. Given the wide variant of materials used in construction, if you are considering an exterior mural I would recommend contacting one of the muralists listed in atHome Murals Muralist Directory.

To get you started, we have created a list of exterior decorating ideas with wall murals. As always, if you have an exterior mural idea you'd like to share please contact us.

Decorating with Exterior Murals

Exterior Decorating with Murals Idea #1

Many flats and condos in large cities have enclosed spaces off the back that are just large enough for a small cottage garden. This space is a great candidate for an exterior mural. Extend the cottage garden in the city with an exterior mural that opens to an open pasture. This will create the illusion of space beyond the confines of the back patio.

Exterior Decorating with Murals Idea #2

Do you have an exterior decorating idea you would like to share with atHome Murals? Submit a exterior decorating idea and if it fits our theme of home decorating with wall murals and other fine wall decor as a focal point, we will publish it on our web site. Email ideas to:

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Exterior wall mural by Classic Mural Collections.  Follow the image link to be taken to the muralist directory.  This is a great exterior wall mural decorating idea for expansive entry ways or courtyards.

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