NASCAR wall murals are a great garage decorating idea in either wallpaper or NASCAR posters.

NASCAR wall mural decorating idea.  Follow the image link to be taken to the design studio.  NASCAR murals are a great wall mural home decorating idea for a boy or girl bedroom.  
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Creative home decorating ideas focused on wall murals and other fine wall decor.

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NASCAR Wall Murals

NASCAR Murals for Boy Bedroom or Garage Decorating

NASCAR is a huge sporting event throughout the United States. Millions of fans watch each race and the points standing very closely. Many of these fans also are handimen that spend a great deal of time in their garage. In their case, providing images to improve the cold concrete walls is often desirable. One popular garage decorating idea is NASCAR images. This can be done with NASCAR themed wall murals, NASCAR wallpaper murals, or NASCAR posters.

This page provides several garage decorating ideas that utilize NASCAR wall murals, wallpaper, or NASCAR posters as a central theme. As you view the ideas, keep in mind that many of the ideas have links you can follow. Each link provides resources you can use to spruce up the garage or shop. Also, keep in mind that a NASCAR theme is great for a boy bedroom!

Types of NASCAR Wall Decor

The Complete Guide to Wall Decor

Custom NASCAR Murals

If you are interested in having a custom mural painted, please visit the Muralist Directory for links to numerous custom muralists.

Time Requirement: Low
Budgetary Requirement: $30.00 to $100.00 a square foot

See also the article on commissioning a muralist for more detailed information on time and cost requirements.

The Steps to Mural Commissioning

Do it Yourself NASCAR Murals

Time Requirement: Very High
Budgetary Requirement: $2.50 to $5.00 a square foot, this estimate does not include a value for your time

Do you have a NASCAR mural idea in mind that you would like to paint yourself? Than visit our painting murals section for tips and tricks for creating your own wall mural.

How to Paint Wall Murals

NASCAR Wallpaper Murals

Time Requirement: Low
Budgetary Requirement: $8.95 to $9.95 a square foot

Decorating boys room or garage decor idea using NASCAR wallpaper murals by Environmental Graphics.

Do you or someone you know love NASCAR and auto racing? Are you looking for affordable, yet creative ways to add some flair to your garage? Does you boy love racing? A NASCAR wallpaper mural is a great way to customize your boy's bedroom or garage to their interest in auto racing. Another compelling reason to utilize murals is each of these wallpaper murals can be printed to your size needs. This allows the mural to not only fit your wall, but also fit your budget. These wallpaper murals and many others can be viewed thru our online gallery and virtual store.

Gallery of sports murals: atHome NASCAR Murals

If you do not find what you are looking for in the sports murals section of our online store, please visit the full online gallery of wallpaper murals below. You will find that decorating is easy using a wallpaper mural or other fine wall decor found thru atHome Murals.

Online store for purchasing wallpaper murals.

Framed NASCAR Prints and NASCAR Posters

Time Requirement: Low
Budgetary Requirement: $2.00 to $15.00 a square foot, framed and unframed prints available. Typically smaller in size than traditional wall murals.

Probably one of the best options for decorating a garage or boy's bedrom with a nascar theme is the use of NASCAR posters and auto racing posters.This allows for a number of images to easily be shown at a fraction of the cost of a custom wall mural. To find a variety of NASCAR posters,, please visit our NASCAR posters and racing posters online store where you can select from hundreds of images. If you are interested in other sport themes, also view our sports posters store.

NASCAR Posters and NASCAR Art Prints
Sports Posters

Garage Decor with NASCAR Murals

Garage Decorating with NASCAR Murals Ideas

Do you have a NASCAR decorating idea with murals you would like to share with atHome Murals? Submit an idea and if it fits our theme, we will publish it on our web site. Email ideas to:

Ideas or Suggestions for atHome Murals

Basketball wall mural decorating idea.  Follow the image link to be taken to the design studio.  Basketball murals are a great wall mural home decorating idea for a boy or girl bedroom.

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Page Summary: this page looks at garage decorating or boy bedroom decorating using nascar wallpaper, nascar murals, nascar posters, or other nascar wall decor. NASCAR wall decor makes a great gift for anyone who loves watching auto racing.